Clarins Mission Perfection Serum, 30 ml

555 kr

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An enlightening serum for anyone who wants to fight pigment disorders and restore a lustrous complexion without changing their natural skin tone. The fine and refreshing emulsion, with its corrective effect, immediately smooths the skin and leaves an enlightening "beauty veil". The universal coral shade adapts to all skin tones, from the brightest to the darkest. Contains, among other things, Acerola extract (has the ability to block the "erroneous" messages that cause pigment disorders, Hexyl resorcinol (molecule that helps reduce the formation of dark spots from their source and Ginkgo biloba extract helps restore luster). fresh scent also which makes the everyday routine a wonderful moment.

Application: Apply morning and / or evening on well-cleaned face.For optimum results and extra protection against dark spots, use with Clarin's UV PLUS ANTI-POLLUTION SPF 50.

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