Dermaceutic Activ Retinol 1.0 Serum, 30ml

795 kr

Highly effective Anti-Age serum that is extra strong: Stimulates the cells' natural regeneration and reduces the signs of skin aging. Prevents wrinkles, fine lines, matte and lifeless complexion. Suitable for mature skin. Result: The skin looks younger and fresher with nice luster.

  • Ingredients for lines and wrinkles: Retinol 1 %
  • Antioxidants: C&E vitamins
  • Substances that bind moisture: panthenol and allantoin
  • Stimulating minerals, skin restoring ceramides and cholesterol

Contains no parabens, is odorless.

Use: Apply to the face and neck in the morning or evening before your face cream. If the serum is used in the evening, avoid using Light Ceutic / Turn Over at the same time. Use eg Regen Ceutic over.

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