DermaCeutic Derma Lift 5.0 Lifting Power Serum 30ml

503 kr

Lifting Power serum. Provides immediate lifting effect combined with the peptides contributing to long lasting stimulation of the skin. Tightens the skin and works together to make the skin look younger for a long time. The effect of the serum is: Avoid sagging skin, lines of expression and fine lines.

  • Immediately rejuvenating agent: Acrylate copolymer 4%, 5% peptides with lifting effect
  • Antioxidants: bakuchiol and C&E vitamins
  • Substances that bind moisture: panthenol and allantoin
  • Stimulating minerals, skin restoring ceramides and cholesterol

Contains no parabens, is odorless

Use: Apply to the face in the morning and evening before your face cream. This serum is also ideal for the skin around the eyes. If the serum is used in the evening, avoid using Light Ceutic / Turn Over at the same time.

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